Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ulu Yam Bharu Old Folks Home Project

Dec 11, 2011 - Visiting Ulu Yam Bharu Old Folks Home today with a team of 16 Lions members, 19 friends of Lions led by Organizing Chairman Lion Gary Siow and Lion Derek Tey. The project was successfully carried out and we managed to raise about Rm5 thousand worth of donations in cash and in kind. However, no cash was givn to the home but the delivery of food supplies and clothing as per the Home request. These definitely benefited the 70 plus inmates there for their daily need. Also, a simple Chinese New Year decoration was done at their dining hall to create a little Chinese New Year atmophere. Many thanks to the organizing committee, the Lions members and friends of Lions who support and contributed to the success of the project. The following photos were taken during the project:

Reported by OC Lion Gary Siow and OC Lion Derek Tey

Monday, December 12, 2011

4-in-1 Blood Donation and Health Screening Project at See Hoy Chan Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Dec 8, 2011 - A 4-in-1 Blood Donation and Health Screening project was held at the See Hoy Chan Plaza today (9am - 4.30pm). Present were Organizing Chairman Ln Richard Ho and 12 of our clubs members namely President Ken Jern, PP Donald Lee, PP James Andres, PP Raymond Kwong, PP How Pak Kong, PP T.C. Tan Teoh and son, IPP Wesley Er, PDG Sam Leong, Ln Teoh Lee Kwon, Ln Kok Wee Tian, Ln Lee Ching and Ln Jimmy Yong; Lioness Loke Kit Cheng; Leos from SMK Jinjang includes Leo Soh Hoong Liang, Leo Lee Jun Man, Leo Chua Kai Shin, Leo Chua Kai Leng, Leo Chan Kai Ying, Leo Low Tee Yern and Leo Soo Joe Ee; Inviting Lions DC Foo Yaw Chien (Mobile SightFirst) and Zone Chairman Leong Tong; and Friends of Lions include Mr. Johnny, Ms. Leong Lai Peng, Ms. Lilian Khoo, Ms. Lim Cheng Lim, Mr. Sunny Loke (UTS), Ms. Stacy (UTS).

Many thanks to our committee members: Organizing Chairman Richard Ho, President Ken Jern, 1st V.P Tony Yee, Lioness Kit, Lioness Mandy, Stanley, Sunny Loke (UTS) and Richard Tay (Teo Hang Sam) for successfully and smoothly implementing the project. A special thanks to our co-organisers (1)Messrs' UTS Marketing Sdn. Bhd. who has not only contributed atleast 200 human traffic but also donated RM10,000 to our project fund to help more needy people in the future. Co-organiser (2) Messrs' Teo Hang Sam Realty Sdn. Bhd. for sponsoring the spacious venue and also tables & chairs. Not forgeting Lioness Mandy managed to approach her Boss Mr.Alan from Joshua Research Consultants Sdn. Bhd. to sponsor RM500 for our project funds; Also our Health Partners(Sugar level & heart analysis)from Biotask Sdn. Bhd. Mr.Hon (Director) & Mr.Kenny Neo(MD) who hands on performed the HbA1c and hc CRP executive health screening for us; Our 2nd Health Partners (Eyes Check) from International University College of technology Twintech (IUCTT) Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin who allows his students lead by Mr.Nigel Lai and 8 students & 1 Lecturer (total 10 people); Lastly, we have Pusat Darah Negara (PDN) who had sent 2 doctors and 15 nurses to carry the blood donation drive

Results from the Project :

Blood Donation 172 Registered, only 122 accepted Donors
Health Screening 120 people for HBA1c and 90 people for hs CRP
Organ Pledge 28 pledges ( Lead by Ln Kok Wee Tian and PP Tan Teoh)
Eye Screening 147 people for eyes test

Photos taken during the project:

Once again thank you for supporting the project.

Reported by OC Ln Richard Ho

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Myanmar Children Xmas Party on 7 Dec 2011

Dec 7, 2011 - Xmas Party for 28 Mynmar Children and 5 teachers was held at the One Stop Cafe at No. 2 Jalan Balam, off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur today. Participating clubs were Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North, Lions Club of Ampang Lions Club of KL Bukit Kiara, Lions Club of KL South and Lions Club of KL Taman Tun. Apart from food there were games and presentation of goodie bags. KL North was represented by OC PP Donald Lee, PDG Sam Leong and PP Molly Leong. The following are photos taken during the project:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Joint Xmas Party at the Pediatric Ward of Institut Jantung Negara

Dec 4, 2011 - Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North has jointly organized a Xmas Party at the Pediatric Ward of Institut Jantung Negara today (10am - 12.15pm) with Lions Club of Bukit Kiara, Lions Club of Ampang, Lions Club of Bukit Jalil, Lions Club of KL Host and Lionc Club of KL City. 11 of our club members were present led by Club President Ken Jern and OC PP Donald Lee. The Leos from SMK Jinjang were also present. Present at the party were about 30 child patients together with the parents. The following photos were taken during the project:

Lions Orientation Cum Social Meeting

Nov 17, 2011 - Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North have organized a Lions Orientation program: "Knowing the Lions and You" today at the Oversea Restaurant Jaya One PJ (7.30pm -10.30pm) for its club members especially 7 of its new members plus friends of Lions in conjunction with the November Club Social Meeting. The meeting includes the Lions Orientation, member induction, and knowing "YOU". Many thanks to the organizing committee and trainers namely President Ken Jern (ex-officio), Lion Navin Khandhar, Lion Ben Sng, Lion James Andres, and Lion T.C. Tan Teoh; Lion Donald Lee for the photos and the 23 attendances to this social meeting. The following are some of the photos taken during the event:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Peace Poster event was held on the 24 September 2011 at SJK(C) Sungei Way from 8.30am to 12.30pm. The Guests of Honor was YB Lau Weng San, the Headmistress ohf SJK SungaiWay, and many sponsors. However, YB Lau could not attend on that day and asked Councillor Tiong and Mr Ding to support the event on his behalf.

There were in total 63 participants of which 54 participants’ ages between 11 and 13 in the contest group and 9 participants’ ages below 11 in the fun group. We were so happy to see so many talented young artists participation. Among them are the children of our club members. All children were happy toreceive their well-deserved LCKLN certificates and trophies.

The Peace Poster Contest held by other Lions club will continue until 30 October 2011. The District Contest (Finalise) has been tentatively set on 20 November 2011 at Subang Avenue. At the District contest, one drawing will be selected as the National Champion, which will then be submitted to USA for final judging in Jan 2012.

The top 3 winners of the Peace Poster Contest are:
1) Herman Tan Jun Hao, Puay Chai school, 11 year old.
2) Hoh Tae Yiong, SJK(C) Kheon Bin school, 11 year old.
3) Lam Hon Mun, Puay Chai school, 11 year old.

Thank you for all the support to our club.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Stroke Day 2011 at Sau Seng Lam PJ on 15 Oct 2011

Dear fellow Lions,
In conjunction with World Stroke Day 2011, Sau Seng Lam PJ held an array of project activities to increase public awareness and creates public mindset of stroke prevention. This event was held from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday, 15th Oct 2011,

In this project, it was attended by:
President Ken Jern, Lion Yap Gris Som, Lion Dr. Ong Hong Hoe, Lion Lalada Apichowut, Late Lion Chong Chin Teck, Lion Tony Yee, Lion Richard Ho, Lion Peter Lek, Lion Raymond Kwong, Lion James Andres, Lion Nicholas Ching and Lion Foo Yaw Cheen.
Leos: 7 from SMK Jinjiang, 2 from KL Unity and 1 from SAS
Optometrists: Mr. SK Chew, Law Lek Hooi and Liew Zheng.
National Resource Transplant Center(NRTC): Mr. Lee Cheng Hoe

Organ Pledge: 15 pax
NRTC volunteer, Mr. Lee Cheng Hoe gave 40 minutes speech over 30 audiences by sharing his personnel experience, as an organ recipient.
He is very gratitude to live additional 15 years, therefore he is on voluntary basis to promote the organ pledge campaign.
According to him, the number of people to sign up organ pledge in any events are not so important, instead he encourage our club to held more campaigns to promote the public awareness of organ transplant.

Eye Screening: 64 pax
Lion Foo Yaw Cheen delivered 2 eye screening devices at 8.50 am. On that day, we managed to eye screen 64 person. Lion James Andreas’s friend Mr. SK Chew (Optometrist) and Tun Hussein Onn Hospital’s 2 volunteers, Law Lek Hooi and Liew Zheng were on SSL premise to give a full support on this event.

Overall, the turnout was not very high, may due to this event held on Saturday.

Last but not least, we would like to pay tribute to late past president Chong Chin Teck, as it was his last project in our lions club. He spent more than 30 years in dedication and sacrifice to Leos movement. In his last project, he managed to fetch 7 Leos from SMK Jinjang, where they help a lot to give additional manpower to serve the community.

Lion Yap Gris Som
Organizing Chairperson of Organ Pledge & Eye Screening
Lions Club of KL North

Thursday, October 20, 2011

With Deepest Sympathy and Condolence on the Demise of our Senior Lion Chong Chin Teck

Dear fellow members, Lionesses and Leos,

With deepest sympathy, please be informed that our PAPA Leo/Longest Serving Leo Advisor & Past President Lion Chong Chin Teck passed away peacefully last night at 11:30p.m. on 19th October 2011 (Wednesday).

The Funeral will be on 22rd October 2011 (Saturday) at 10. am
Venue at No 25, Jalan Hujan Abu 3, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 KL.

You can send your condolences to late Ln Chong’s wife Mdm Patricia Chong at 012-5556822.

On behalf of our club and BOD wish to express our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Mdm Patricia Chong and her family.

In sorrow & pain,
Ln Ken Jern
President 2011/2012

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to Cebu Downtown Lions Club and to celebrate PDG Lion Ricardo Ong's 80th Birthday. (2-4 September 2011)

The recent trip to Cebu, Philippines on the invitation by PDG Lion Ricardo
Ong to jointly celebrate his 80th Birthday and to meet members of our
Sister's Club, Cebu Downtown Lions Club kick off with the participation of
the following members and their families got on well.

Headed by our President Lion Ken Jern, PDG Lion Sam Leong was accompanied by
his lady Lion Molly Leong and the entourage included our Ambassador of Cebu
Downtown LC PP Lion Donald Lee, PP Lion Ben Sng, 1st VP Lion Tony Yee,
together with his Wife Samantha and two daughters Rae Lyz and Rae Rei, newly
inducted members Lion Stanley Chew and his Wife Lion Olivia Oh together with
Lion Gina Kuek from LCKL South.

All members were warmly greeted by members of Cebu Downtown LC upon arrival
and it was great to see old friends coming together once again.

1st day lunch was hosted by President Lucia Go with members of Cebu Downtown
LC at the Grand Convention Centre Restaurant, followed by an evening dinner
party hosted by PDG Ricardo Ong at his home where we were entertained by a
Filipino live band and dance performances.

The highlights of the trip was the celebration of the 80th Birthday of PDG
Lion Ricardo Ong which was a big fanfare and was attended by hundreds of
guest from all over Philippines and else where. Colored mainly in red and
gold, the hall at Hotel Radisson Blu was fill with music, vibrancy with
dance performances, photo shoots and a sumptuous buffet dinner organised by
the family members of PDG Ricardo.

President Ken Jern together with the entourage from LCKL North presented a
Birthday Gift in a form of a 24K Gold Plated "Fuk Lok Sau" Pewter set
engraved with PDG Ricardo Ong's name on it and was well received by the
Birthday Boy.

We were treated to a short city tour the morning before and members were
delighted to see the Fort of San Pedro, Magellan Cross, Taoist Temple at
Beverly Hills as well as to cruise along Carbon Street, the old city place.

The farewell lunch hosted by President Lucia Go and members of Cebu Downtown
LC at the "Taste of Mandarin" Restaurant was a happy affair where PDG Nestor
Chua on behalf of President Lucia Go invited President Ken Jern and PDG Sam
Leong to deliver their speech. President Ken Jern thank our host and took
the opportunity to invite President Lucia Go and members of our Sister's
Club, the Cebu Downtown LC to attend our 40th Anniversary next fiscal year,
whilst PDG Sam Leong gave a short but interesting speech on how both clubs
got together to twin and how our friendship blossom to such a level and
believe Cebu Downtown LC and LCKLN would continue to take this friendship to
greater heights and hopefully in the very near future, we will have a joint
project together.

It was heartfelt to note that the twinning between Cebu Downtown LC and LCKL
North come next year would be our 30th. and in-conjunction with this special
occasion, PDG Nestor Chua has suggested that both our clubs celebrate this
occassion a day before our 40th Anniversary Celebration. It would be great
for both clubs coming together for these two very special occasions and he
trust more, if not all members of Cebu Downtown LC would join us in Kuala
Lumpur and to make it a memorable one for both Sisters Club. President Ken
Jern being the OC for our 40th Anniversary Celebration has promised to bring
this message to our Members upon his return and thank our host President
Lucia Go and Members of Cebu Downtown LC for this fellowship lunch and the
hospitality. All members bid farewell and on behalf of our club, we would
like to take this opportunity to thank PDG Ricardo Ong for the invitation,
PDG Nestor Chua, President Lucia Go and all members of Cebu Downtown LC for
going all the way to make our visit a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

23rd “Give Blood, Save Life” Blood Donation Campaign

This annual Blood Donation Campaign was held on the 7th August from 9am to 4pm at Thean Hou Temple. The Campaign was organized by 25 Associations, which included Lions Club District 308B1. The guest of honour for the day was the Deputy Finance Minister - Dato Donald Lim.

For the convenience of the public, the event organisers provided free Taxi service. The campaign was in collaboration with the National Blood Bank, who provided 80 beds, 90 nurses and 9 doctors. Beside the blood donation activity, there were also health screening by Chinese physicians, and Eye-sight screening activities. The total bags of blood collected was 634, which was short of the targeted 800 bags. Therefore, the total bags of blood for our club is 52 bags.

LCKLN was among the 12 Lions Clubs and 7 Leo Clubs which participated this event. We were there from 8.30 am to 4pm. There were 2 teams - the 1st team was there from 8.30 am to 1 pm while the 2nd team was there from 1 pm to 4 pm. We took turns to help to register donors. Some of the members donated blood for this event. There were appreciation gifts (Hampers) for those who have donated their blood 30 times and above.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Visiting China Guangdong Lions Clubs

On 16 Aug, President Ln Ken Jern with new member Lion Daphne Oon met in Guangzhou China and make the official visit to China Guangdong Lions Clubs (D381). China Guangdong Lions Clubs (District D381)consists of 80 clubs and 8800 members within Guangdong Province in Southern China. They were formed in year 2002 with the approval from Government. They have their own building in centre of Guangzhou City.

President Lion Ken & Lion Daphne were hosted by D381 District Governor Lion Mark Xi Ming. President Ken is also exchanging the services render by Lions Club of KL North and our club history. DG Lion Mark also explained on the operations of China Guangdong Lions Clubs and how they operate with 80 clubs and 8800 members. DG also shares with us on how the formation of Lions Club in China.

At the end, President Lion Ken & DG Lion Mark are exchanging the club and District D381 bannerates and DG Lion Mark also present the District badge to Lion Daphne Oon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Leo Orientation

July 30, 2011 - Our Leo Orientation has just been concluded today at GoldHill Club, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. The response was overwhelming. Our special guest, Zone 12 Chairman Lion Aishah Ismail and DC for Leo Developement Lion Denny Tee were present as well. Total Leos attended is 56 consisting of Leos from our 3 Leo Clubs namely Leo Club of KL Unity, Leo Club of SMK Jinjang and SMK Sultan Abdul Samad plus 4 other Leo Clubs namely Leo Clu of Kepong, Leo club of Kepong Baru, Leo Club of SMK Datuk Lokman and Leo Club of Bukit Maluri.

Apart from our special guests, the following Lions who were present that day: President Lion Ken Jern, Lion Tony Yee, Lion Wesley Er, Lion Molly Yee, Lion Navin Khandhar, Lion Chong Chin Teck, Lion Tan Teoh Teik Choon, Lion How Pak Kong, Lion James Andres, Lion Ben Sng, Lion Richard Ho and Lion Donald Lee plus Lioness Kit.

The respective facilitators did an excellent job in the various breakout sessions with powerful PowerPoint Presentations not forgetting our Papa Leos, Lion Chong who guided the Leos exceptionally well too. The opening by our President Lion Ken Jern, Lion Tony Yee on the Project & Activities, Overview of Key Officers and the closing Quiz & Q&A was filled with fun & laughters from all quarters.

To conclude, the venue and the food was good with the courtesy and sponsorship of Dato' Robert Lim.

Once again, I would like to thank all the Lions who were there to support this event. More importantly, it is the Leos who has come together and work as a team to make this happen. Thanks everybody!

Reported by Lion How Pak Kong

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lions 6-in-1 Project in TV1 News

July 18, 2011 - Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North has got a good media coverage at our Local TV1 News (Berita Nasional) today on the Lions 6-in-1 Crime Prevention and Healthy Living project held on July 17, 2011 at Sri Petaling Hotel.

The 6-in-1 project was led by Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North in collaboration with with the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, Polis Diraja Malaysia, BOMBA, Yoshinkan Aikido, Professional Locksmith Malaysia, Sau Seng Lum Diabetics, Assunta Hospital, Lions Sight First Mobile Unit, Synapse Sdn Bhd, Seri Petaling Residents Association, our Lioness and Leos to promote and to bring awareness to the community on ways to prevent crime and to adopt healthy living. The event was officiated by our Guest of Honor Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye Thye, accompanied by President Lion Ken Jern together with other VIPs.

Many thanks to all involved especially the Public, organizing committee, sponsors, reporters, respective working staffs, fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos to make the project a success.

The following is the video clip extracted from the TV1 News:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

49th MD308 Lions Convention in Ipoh (29 April - 1 May 2011)

Proud to announce the following achievements of Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North for fiscal year 2010-2011, awards received at the 49th MD308 Lions Convention in Ipoh:

1. Signature Project Award (IT Skills Long Term Project at Sg Way)
2. LEF Merit Contributor Award (Donation of RM15,000 to Education Fund)
3. Innovative Project Award (4-in-1 Projects)
4. Appreciation Award to District Chairperson James Andres
5. Appreciation Award to District Chairperson Lee Yew Foo
6. Appreciation Award to District Chairperson Donald Lee
7. Top President Award (President Wesley Er)
8. Top Secretary Award (Secretary Navin Khandhar)
9. Top Treasurer Award (Treasurer Yap Gris Som)
10. Top Club Award (Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North)

The following are some photos taken during the 49th MD308 Lions Convention in Ipoh from 29 April - 1 May 2011 contribution from photographer President Elect Ken Jern:

Best Regards,
President Wesley Er

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health Talk: Holistic Pain Management Seminar

April 9, 2011 - The Health Talk organized by Messr. Hollista Colltech (Australia) Ltd. with the support and participation of Lions Club of KL North and Therra Keeta went on very smoothly and on schedule. It was a very interesting health talk delivered by Dato' Dr. Rajen M and Mr. Rajinder Singh on the holistic way of treating pain that is through the understanding of our body and with the control of our thinking faculty ie. "our mind".

We should consume "real food" and avoid "fake food" according to Dato' Dr. Rajen M. What are "real food" and what are the "fake food"? Alas !!!, you should all have been there !. Sorry, I am no "Doctor" nor "Nutritionist or Dietitian "and therefore unable to offer any recommendation except this, "do not eat junk food". And for those whom gets "aches" here and there, Mr. Rajinder Singh says listen to your body, do stretching, walking and even crawling as "crawling" is very good and you can do it on your bed but do let your wife or husband know what you are up to, if not they might call in the Vets. Of course the undersigned reminded Mr. Rajinder Singh the importance of "swimming" and for that he was "applauded". Not Bad huh !!! Receive "free talk" and also get "applauded". You guys should have been there, man !!! Heard Dato Dr. Rajen M was interested to get my story publish, waaah might even be in the press, not bad for a 3 hours sacrifice.

Ok, back to the subject. Was very happy to see the presents of our President Ln. Wesley Er, PDG Ln. Sam Leong, 1st VP Ln. Ken Jern, Ln. Chong Chin Teck, Ln. How Pak Kong and not to miss, 2nd VP Ln. Tony Yee whom later on brought those present to an underground cafe for "pisang balls" and "tea tarik". Oh, by the way, was told that DG Dato' Yeow Wah Chin did drop in with his lovely wife Datin Genevieve Yeow but as Ln. Chong and Ln. Tony Yee was also simultaneously having a meeting with the Leos of SMK Jinjang whom also attended the health talk at the same premises, must have missed our DG. Understand our President Wesley had invited a number of Lions from other clubs to attend and shall leave it to our President to do the needful thanks of appreciation of attendance for all whom were present. Would also like to take this opportunity to thank our PDG Sam Leong for proposing this very interesting health talk to our club members and for your information, the response from the public was overwhelming with lots of questions and sharing being put forth.

As our OC Ln. Richard Ho is attending the LLI Training, he sends his apologies and warmest regards to all for not being able to be present.

Thank you and on behalf of OC Ln. Richard Ho,

Yours in Lionism, Ln. Tony Yee 2nd VP and Leo Advisor 2010-2011 Lions Club Of KL North

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar 25, 2011 - Lions KL North Charity Golf 2011 was held at Kelab Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh this morning 6.30am to 2.30pm. The event was graced by our Guest of Honour District Governor Dato Yeow Wah Chin together with his lef and hand hands men - 1st Vice District Governor Dr Ben C Ng and 2nd Vice District Governor Chan Hoi together with the fellow participants. The event was tee-ed off at 8am and went well and smoothly in the sunny morning.

After the morning golf session, the golfers were invited to the event's Buffet lunch at the Putra Court. They were welcome by our fellow members of KL North with Hot and Delicious Chinese style Buffet lunch. After settling down and lunch, presiding officer President Wesley started off with his speech followed by Guest of Honour District Governor Dato Yeow Wah Chin. The event went to the peak upon the anouncement of competition result and giving out Winner Trophies, Prizes and Lucky Draws. The event end around 2.30pm. The participants were enjoying their games, took home with them some Prizes and most importantly they did good deed in contributing toward raising funds for our Lions Eye Clinic, Lions Renal Center and project fund to help the needy.

Many thanks to the Organizing Chairman Ln Lee Yew Foo and his committee that includes President Wesley Er, PDG Raymond Tang, Ln Tan Teoh, Ln Ken Jern, Ln Terrence Fong, Ln James Andres, Ln Raymond Kwong, Ln Donald Lee, Ln Richard Ho and Ln Yap Gris Som. We must also thank to Lioness Kit and Lioness Mandy for their active participation in this project.

To fold our memory on this event, please enjoy the following photo slides:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Election of The Board of Directors and Auditor for Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Feb 10, 2011 - The election of the Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North's Board of Directors and Auditor for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 was held today at the Banker's Club, 22nd Floor, Amoda, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur from 9.00pm to 9.40pm. The following line-up were elected and they will take office starting from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012:

The Board of Directors and Auditor for Fiscal Year 2011-2012
No Position Member Name
1. Club President Ken Jern
2. Club Secretary Terrence Fong
3. Club Treasurer Ben Sng
4. Immediate Past President Wesley Er
5. 1st Vice President Tony Yee
6. 2nd Vice President Richard Ho
7. 3rd Vice President Lee Ching
8. Membership Director Tan Teoh Teik Choon
9. Tamer Teoh Lee Kwon
10. Tail Twister Donald Lee
11. Director(2Yrs) Janette Pang
12. Director(2Yrs) Nicholas ching
13. Director(1Yr) Pun E Ken
14. Director(1Yr) Teoh Kah Yew
15. Auditor Vincent Hoh

Join me congratulate our newly elected Board of Directors and Auditor for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 led by President Elect Lion Ken Jern. We look forward to work closely with them to bring our Club to greater height.
Thank you.

Reported by,
IPP Tan Teoh
Nomination & Election Chairman

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


News Flash 1:
District 308B1Governor Dato' Yeow conveyed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had complimented the Lions for its efforts in providing food, blankets, rations & water to the flood stricken victims in the Segamat area. He said this when the Prime Minister visited the relief centres at SRJK (C) Seg Hwa and was impressed that the Lions were distributing large amount of food and water etc.

New Flash 2:
DG Dato' Yeow met up with PDG Kg Kim Leng, RC7 Tai Teck Hock, Z16 Chairman Jeffrey Tan & DC Alert & Emergency Relief DC Lim Kim Poh and had analysed the situation in the flood stricken areas and have suggested that Lions donate cash relieve for the victims to help them get back on track on with their lives after the flood situation.
In their views, the flood victims are now provided with ample food rations, water and blankets etc. Relieve Centres have been set up and running effectively, but we as Lions should look into the aftermath of the floods.
A special flood relieve bank account will be opened and LC of Jementah is appointed to open a bank this account under the name of "District 308B1 Flood Relieve Fund" to dispense cash relieve to flood stricken area and victims. More information will be sent to all on the situation. PDG Ng Kim Leng is appointed coordinator for this floor relieve project and for the Segamat area.
More info, please contact PDG Ng at 012-7881459.

***Lion Lim Kim Poh, DC Alert & Emergency Relief can also be contacted for updates and information on the flood. (Mobile: 019-6662553)

News Flash 3:
On the flood situation in Gemas Bahru, DC Ln Khoo Siew Kim (LC Gemas Bahru), reports that the flood victims of Gemas Bahru need more food, water and blankets. Please contact Ln Khoo on your intention to send these items and for more information. Ln Khoo can be contacted at 019-7698830. DG Dato' Yeow has appointed Ln Khoo to be the coordinator for the Gemas area.

DG Dato' Yeow hopes that Lions can donate cash for this relief fund to help the poor victims

The Flood in Segamat has subsided in most places and effected residents in relief centres are expected to return hope tomorrow if the sun still shines on, reports PDG Ng Kim Leng
In Gemas Bahru, Ln Khoo reported that the flood has subsided in most area, except that Taman Sg Gemas is still in 4' of water.

017-3673 222