Monday, December 12, 2011

4-in-1 Blood Donation and Health Screening Project at See Hoy Chan Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Dec 8, 2011 - A 4-in-1 Blood Donation and Health Screening project was held at the See Hoy Chan Plaza today (9am - 4.30pm). Present were Organizing Chairman Ln Richard Ho and 12 of our clubs members namely President Ken Jern, PP Donald Lee, PP James Andres, PP Raymond Kwong, PP How Pak Kong, PP T.C. Tan Teoh and son, IPP Wesley Er, PDG Sam Leong, Ln Teoh Lee Kwon, Ln Kok Wee Tian, Ln Lee Ching and Ln Jimmy Yong; Lioness Loke Kit Cheng; Leos from SMK Jinjang includes Leo Soh Hoong Liang, Leo Lee Jun Man, Leo Chua Kai Shin, Leo Chua Kai Leng, Leo Chan Kai Ying, Leo Low Tee Yern and Leo Soo Joe Ee; Inviting Lions DC Foo Yaw Chien (Mobile SightFirst) and Zone Chairman Leong Tong; and Friends of Lions include Mr. Johnny, Ms. Leong Lai Peng, Ms. Lilian Khoo, Ms. Lim Cheng Lim, Mr. Sunny Loke (UTS), Ms. Stacy (UTS).

Many thanks to our committee members: Organizing Chairman Richard Ho, President Ken Jern, 1st V.P Tony Yee, Lioness Kit, Lioness Mandy, Stanley, Sunny Loke (UTS) and Richard Tay (Teo Hang Sam) for successfully and smoothly implementing the project. A special thanks to our co-organisers (1)Messrs' UTS Marketing Sdn. Bhd. who has not only contributed atleast 200 human traffic but also donated RM10,000 to our project fund to help more needy people in the future. Co-organiser (2) Messrs' Teo Hang Sam Realty Sdn. Bhd. for sponsoring the spacious venue and also tables & chairs. Not forgeting Lioness Mandy managed to approach her Boss Mr.Alan from Joshua Research Consultants Sdn. Bhd. to sponsor RM500 for our project funds; Also our Health Partners(Sugar level & heart analysis)from Biotask Sdn. Bhd. Mr.Hon (Director) & Mr.Kenny Neo(MD) who hands on performed the HbA1c and hc CRP executive health screening for us; Our 2nd Health Partners (Eyes Check) from International University College of technology Twintech (IUCTT) Prof. Dr. Nasoha Saabin who allows his students lead by Mr.Nigel Lai and 8 students & 1 Lecturer (total 10 people); Lastly, we have Pusat Darah Negara (PDN) who had sent 2 doctors and 15 nurses to carry the blood donation drive

Results from the Project :

Blood Donation 172 Registered, only 122 accepted Donors
Health Screening 120 people for HBA1c and 90 people for hs CRP
Organ Pledge 28 pledges ( Lead by Ln Kok Wee Tian and PP Tan Teoh)
Eye Screening 147 people for eyes test

Photos taken during the project:

Once again thank you for supporting the project.

Reported by OC Ln Richard Ho

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