Wednesday, December 26, 2012

EASB soared up to the Top 4 Most Preferred PEI in Singapore 29th November 2012 –

EASB has proven its worth once again!!! Just last week, it won a place as the Top 6th position in the prestigious Enterprise 50 Awards 2012. This time, it scores a hat-trick in the annual JobsCentral Learning Rankings and Survey by being named as the 4th overall Most Preferred Private Education Institute (PEI) in Singapore. At the same time, it has been ranked as offering the 3rd Most Preferred Bachelors and 3rd Most Preferred Post-graduate programmes in Singapore.

EASB's remarkable leap to 4th Position for “Overall Most Preferred Private Education Institute (PEI)” in Singapore confirms its success in focusing student enrolment on the Singapore market. Over the past two years, EASB has complemented its hugely popular Hospitality & Tourism Management, Business Management, Accountancy, Banking and Finance diploma and degree programmes, with a range of niche programmes that has attracted Singaporeans. Its School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences has enrolled successive intakes of registered nurses to complete the Post-registration Bachelor of Science in Professional Practice-Nursing degree programme awarded by Queen Margaret University. It has also launched the Cardiff Metropolitian University Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology Studies, and the Aston University Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Bioscience.

At the postgraduate level, EASB offers a comprehensive suite of MBA and MSc programmes in full-time and part-time modes, designed to cater to the specific needs of international and local students with diversifying interests. For example, its MBA programmes from the Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh Business School (EBS) flexibly allows busy working adults to take classes in a combination of face-to-face delivery and extensive online study and examination guide tutorials. For those who prefer to have a shorter completion time, EASB offers general MBA programmes and MBA in Project Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University. The assessment is based on 50% module assignments and 50% examination. Students can complete the programme in 15 months. From Queen Margaret University, there is the MSc in International Hospitality Management & Leadership; and from University of Southern Queensland, the Masters in Professional Accounting.

 The MPA is accredited with CPA Australia and can be completed in 16 months. Other notable findings: - - - - - Business Studies/Management remains as the top preferred course of study followed by Finance/Investment, Accounting and Hospitality/Tourism/F&B. 90.1% of respondents ranked Career Advancement as the main reason for further education. 23.4% of respondents expected 25-29% increment in salary upon obtaining the next level of academic qualifications. Recognition of certificate holds its position as the most important factor when deciding on institutions. Website of the institution remains as most preferred source of information about education institutions. EASB East Asia of Management is dedicated to provide career-ready professionals and is set to soar to greater heights in many years to come. On behalf of the management and faculties, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all students and alumni for upholding the true qualities of EASB.

About JobsCentral Learning Survey 2012: Since its launch in 2009, the JobsCentral Learning Rankings and Survey series is the largest and most comprehensive research on Singapore ’s private education landscape. The report is based on an independent research project commissioned by the JobsCentral Group, and comprises two main categories: rankings of Singapore ’s private education institutes, and learning preferences findings of the general population aged 15 and above. 5,476 respondents’ data was collected via a voluntary online questionnaire from September to October this year. Incomplete and duplicated responses were discarded and do not contribute to this count. This report includes findings which may be of interest to employers seeking to understand what motivates employees to pursue further education, and the expected salary increments after obtaining higher qualifications. Prospective adult students may also find the rankings useful in making informed decisions for a school and course of study. For Private Education Institutes, the rankings in this report serve as an independent benchmark against their competitors. In addition, the results may assist institutes in their marketing efforts, and provide insight into their students and prospective students’ selection behavior. Results of this survey are statistically significant for the population aged 15 and above. At a confidence level of 95% and a sample size of 5,476, the results have a sampling error of +/- 1.32 per cent. This means that we are sure 95% that the results of the survey is representative of the population with a margin error of +/-1.32 per cent.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fellowship Lunch at Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong (PJ) Sdn. Bhd

July 14, 2012 - President Tony Yee has organized a fellowship lunch with Lion Tai Lung Khoon at Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong (PJ) Sdn. Bhd, PJ Old Town today. Apart from President and his family, members present include PDG Leong A Sam, 1st VP Richard Ho, IPP Ken Jern, Lion Tony Chan, Lion Isaac K.P. Ng, Lion Raymond Kwong, Lion Wesley Er and Lion Tan Teoh. We had good chats and laughters, accompanied with nice Tim Sum. Well, good to also meet our long MIA member, Lion K.P there. He has slimmed down a lot, more energitic and healthier. Lion Tai has also invited us to his 50th golden anniversary on 7 Feb 2013. Glad to see all are well and happy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lions Walk for Health 2012 @SSTwo Mall on 11 Mar 2012

March 11, 2012 - Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North has organized the Lions Walk for Health 2012 @ SSTwo Mall event today from 6.30am to 12pm. The event is intended to promote healthy lifestyle to the community with the objective of fostering closer family unity through fun walks around the neighbourhood while raising some funds to the designated needy recipients and for our club project funds to help the needy community.

The event was graced by the Guest of Honor, Datuk Bandar MBPJ represented by Mr Tony Cheong, the Ahli Majlis MBPJ SS2, our District Governor, Lion Dr Ben C Ng, the MP Mr Tony Pua and our Club President Lion Ken Jern. It was successfully completed with a good attendance of 354 walkers, 108 individuals went for the Health Screening, 135 individuals went for the hsCRP cardiology test, 130 individuals went for eye screening / eye check, 100 individuals went for Bone Density and in-body tests. There were also 22 individuals had come forward to pledge their organs there. We managed to raise over RM27 thousand from this event through cash sponsorship, souvenir program and walk cards, with a net surplus of about RM20 thousand to be used help the needy community. At the event, we have already given out a total of RM14,000 i.e. RM5,000 to the Lions Eye Clinic, RM3,000 to KL Lions Renal Centre, RM3,000 to Lions Learn Fund, RM1,000 to the Community Service Center for the Deaf, and  RM1,000 to SSL Diabetes Care Centre. The following photos were taken during the event:

Many thanks to our beloved sponsors, partners, the public, our fellow Club members and fellow Leos for your active participations one way or the others to make the event a success. We would also like to congratulate and appreciate our hardworking organizing committees led by the Organizing Chairman, Lion James Andres for the job well done.

Thank you and Roar! Roar! Roar!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011 Club Social at Oriental Banquet

Dear Fellow Members,

Happy New Year.

Thank you for your participation at the last social on 15 December 2011 at the Oriental banquet. You have made the evening memorable and enjoyable.A big thanks goes to Mr Robert Tan who gave us the wine talk and wine pairing session. Certianly added some "spirit" into the event.Thank you to Raymond Kwong who has help as treasurer and the gifts coordination and Ben S'ng who help in initiating the Chrismas caroling.Most of all you members for the special Christmas joy you have created. The following are photos taken during the event:


James Andres, Organising Chairman