Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to Cebu Downtown Lions Club and to celebrate PDG Lion Ricardo Ong's 80th Birthday. (2-4 September 2011)

The recent trip to Cebu, Philippines on the invitation by PDG Lion Ricardo
Ong to jointly celebrate his 80th Birthday and to meet members of our
Sister's Club, Cebu Downtown Lions Club kick off with the participation of
the following members and their families got on well.

Headed by our President Lion Ken Jern, PDG Lion Sam Leong was accompanied by
his lady Lion Molly Leong and the entourage included our Ambassador of Cebu
Downtown LC PP Lion Donald Lee, PP Lion Ben Sng, 1st VP Lion Tony Yee,
together with his Wife Samantha and two daughters Rae Lyz and Rae Rei, newly
inducted members Lion Stanley Chew and his Wife Lion Olivia Oh together with
Lion Gina Kuek from LCKL South.

All members were warmly greeted by members of Cebu Downtown LC upon arrival
and it was great to see old friends coming together once again.

1st day lunch was hosted by President Lucia Go with members of Cebu Downtown
LC at the Grand Convention Centre Restaurant, followed by an evening dinner
party hosted by PDG Ricardo Ong at his home where we were entertained by a
Filipino live band and dance performances.

The highlights of the trip was the celebration of the 80th Birthday of PDG
Lion Ricardo Ong which was a big fanfare and was attended by hundreds of
guest from all over Philippines and else where. Colored mainly in red and
gold, the hall at Hotel Radisson Blu was fill with music, vibrancy with
dance performances, photo shoots and a sumptuous buffet dinner organised by
the family members of PDG Ricardo.

President Ken Jern together with the entourage from LCKL North presented a
Birthday Gift in a form of a 24K Gold Plated "Fuk Lok Sau" Pewter set
engraved with PDG Ricardo Ong's name on it and was well received by the
Birthday Boy.

We were treated to a short city tour the morning before and members were
delighted to see the Fort of San Pedro, Magellan Cross, Taoist Temple at
Beverly Hills as well as to cruise along Carbon Street, the old city place.

The farewell lunch hosted by President Lucia Go and members of Cebu Downtown
LC at the "Taste of Mandarin" Restaurant was a happy affair where PDG Nestor
Chua on behalf of President Lucia Go invited President Ken Jern and PDG Sam
Leong to deliver their speech. President Ken Jern thank our host and took
the opportunity to invite President Lucia Go and members of our Sister's
Club, the Cebu Downtown LC to attend our 40th Anniversary next fiscal year,
whilst PDG Sam Leong gave a short but interesting speech on how both clubs
got together to twin and how our friendship blossom to such a level and
believe Cebu Downtown LC and LCKLN would continue to take this friendship to
greater heights and hopefully in the very near future, we will have a joint
project together.

It was heartfelt to note that the twinning between Cebu Downtown LC and LCKL
North come next year would be our 30th. and in-conjunction with this special
occasion, PDG Nestor Chua has suggested that both our clubs celebrate this
occassion a day before our 40th Anniversary Celebration. It would be great
for both clubs coming together for these two very special occasions and he
trust more, if not all members of Cebu Downtown LC would join us in Kuala
Lumpur and to make it a memorable one for both Sisters Club. President Ken
Jern being the OC for our 40th Anniversary Celebration has promised to bring
this message to our Members upon his return and thank our host President
Lucia Go and Members of Cebu Downtown LC for this fellowship lunch and the
hospitality. All members bid farewell and on behalf of our club, we would
like to take this opportunity to thank PDG Ricardo Ong for the invitation,
PDG Nestor Chua, President Lucia Go and all members of Cebu Downtown LC for
going all the way to make our visit a pleasant and enjoyable one.

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