Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Stroke Day 2011 at Sau Seng Lam PJ on 15 Oct 2011

Dear fellow Lions,
In conjunction with World Stroke Day 2011, Sau Seng Lam PJ held an array of project activities to increase public awareness and creates public mindset of stroke prevention. This event was held from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday, 15th Oct 2011,

In this project, it was attended by:
President Ken Jern, Lion Yap Gris Som, Lion Dr. Ong Hong Hoe, Lion Lalada Apichowut, Late Lion Chong Chin Teck, Lion Tony Yee, Lion Richard Ho, Lion Peter Lek, Lion Raymond Kwong, Lion James Andres, Lion Nicholas Ching and Lion Foo Yaw Cheen.
Leos: 7 from SMK Jinjiang, 2 from KL Unity and 1 from SAS
Optometrists: Mr. SK Chew, Law Lek Hooi and Liew Zheng.
National Resource Transplant Center(NRTC): Mr. Lee Cheng Hoe

Organ Pledge: 15 pax
NRTC volunteer, Mr. Lee Cheng Hoe gave 40 minutes speech over 30 audiences by sharing his personnel experience, as an organ recipient.
He is very gratitude to live additional 15 years, therefore he is on voluntary basis to promote the organ pledge campaign.
According to him, the number of people to sign up organ pledge in any events are not so important, instead he encourage our club to held more campaigns to promote the public awareness of organ transplant.

Eye Screening: 64 pax
Lion Foo Yaw Cheen delivered 2 eye screening devices at 8.50 am. On that day, we managed to eye screen 64 person. Lion James Andreas’s friend Mr. SK Chew (Optometrist) and Tun Hussein Onn Hospital’s 2 volunteers, Law Lek Hooi and Liew Zheng were on SSL premise to give a full support on this event.

Overall, the turnout was not very high, may due to this event held on Saturday.

Last but not least, we would like to pay tribute to late past president Chong Chin Teck, as it was his last project in our lions club. He spent more than 30 years in dedication and sacrifice to Leos movement. In his last project, he managed to fetch 7 Leos from SMK Jinjang, where they help a lot to give additional manpower to serve the community.

Lion Yap Gris Som
Organizing Chairperson of Organ Pledge & Eye Screening
Lions Club of KL North

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