Tuesday, February 1, 2011


News Flash 1:
District 308B1Governor Dato' Yeow conveyed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had complimented the Lions for its efforts in providing food, blankets, rations & water to the flood stricken victims in the Segamat area. He said this when the Prime Minister visited the relief centres at SRJK (C) Seg Hwa and was impressed that the Lions were distributing large amount of food and water etc.

New Flash 2:
DG Dato' Yeow met up with PDG Kg Kim Leng, RC7 Tai Teck Hock, Z16 Chairman Jeffrey Tan & DC Alert & Emergency Relief DC Lim Kim Poh and had analysed the situation in the flood stricken areas and have suggested that Lions donate cash relieve for the victims to help them get back on track on with their lives after the flood situation.
In their views, the flood victims are now provided with ample food rations, water and blankets etc. Relieve Centres have been set up and running effectively, but we as Lions should look into the aftermath of the floods.
A special flood relieve bank account will be opened and LC of Jementah is appointed to open a bank this account under the name of "District 308B1 Flood Relieve Fund" to dispense cash relieve to flood stricken area and victims. More information will be sent to all on the situation. PDG Ng Kim Leng is appointed coordinator for this floor relieve project and for the Segamat area.
More info, please contact PDG Ng at 012-7881459.

***Lion Lim Kim Poh, DC Alert & Emergency Relief can also be contacted for updates and information on the flood. (Mobile: 019-6662553)

News Flash 3:
On the flood situation in Gemas Bahru, DC Ln Khoo Siew Kim (LC Gemas Bahru), reports that the flood victims of Gemas Bahru need more food, water and blankets. Please contact Ln Khoo on your intention to send these items and for more information. Ln Khoo can be contacted at 019-7698830. DG Dato' Yeow has appointed Ln Khoo to be the coordinator for the Gemas area.

DG Dato' Yeow hopes that Lions can donate cash for this relief fund to help the poor victims

The Flood in Segamat has subsided in most places and effected residents in relief centres are expected to return hope tomorrow if the sun still shines on, reports PDG Ng Kim Leng
In Gemas Bahru, Ln Khoo reported that the flood has subsided in most area, except that Taman Sg Gemas is still in 4' of water.

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