Projects and Activities


Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North has carried our various projects and activities to serving the underprivileged, bringing health and environments awareness, organizing club social and fellowship. The following are some of the photos taken during those activities:

TERM 2013 - 2014
Orang Asli Joint Project with KL Clubs
on 15 OCT 2013
Lions learn fund event
on 12 OCT 2013
TERM 2013 - 2014
@Goldhill Club
on 27 Jul 2013
@Decanter Dmansara
on 28 JUL 2013
TERM 2011 - 2012
Lions Walk for Health 2012
@SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya
on 11 Mar 2012
December Club Social
at The Oriental, Pelangi Club
on 15 Dec 2011
Visit Ulu Yam Welfare Home
for Aged and Handicapped
on 11 Dec 2011
4-in-1 Health Project
at Plaza See Hoy Chan KL
on 8 Dec 2011
Christmas Party with
Myanmar Refugee Children
on 7 Dec 2011
Christmas Party at
Institut Jantung Negara
on 04 Dec 2011
Lions Orientation cum Social Dinner on 17 Nov 2011World Diabetes Day 2011
on 13 Nov 2011
39th Anniversary ALOHA Dinner
on 15 Oct 2011
World Stroke Day 2011
on 15 Oct 2011
LCI 1st VP Banquet Dinner
on 29 Sept 2011
Peace Poster Contest
on 24 Sept 2011
KL Omega Leo Installation
on 27 Aug 2011
KL Alpha Leo Installation
on 20 Aug 2011
Biz Mtg and DG Visitation
on 04 Aug 2011
Leo Orientation
on 30 July 2011
DG Inauguration Dinner
Zon Regency Hotel,
Johor Bahru
23 July 2011
6-in-1 Crime Prevention and Healthy Living Project
Hotel Sri Petaling, KL
17 July 2011
TERM 2010 - 2011
President's Retention Program
on 07 Apr 2011
Visiting Leprosy Centre Sg Buloh
on 23 Jan 2011
Club Social cum StemCell Talk
The Ti Chen Saujana Resort
on 25 Nov 2010
Lions Peace Poster Contest 2010
Sungai Way
on 16 Oct 2010
TERM 2009 - 2010
Taman Megah Handicapped
Children Home
Jln SS24/10, Taman Megah
19 June 2010
Blood Donation and Organ Pledge
Bangunan KWSP
Jln Changkat Raja Chulan KL
10 June 2010
Hiking with Leos
Broga Hill Semenyih
6 June 2010
Health Screening Project
SS13/1 Subang Jaya
15 May 2010
EASB/IPMA Scholarship
Press Conference with
YB Teo and AuYang, Serdang
27 April 2010
Gotong-Royong Project
The Community Service Centre
for the Deaf
17 April 2010
Lions KL North Charity Golf
Kajang Hill Golf Club
8 April 2010
Applying 7 Habits Workshop
Genting INTI Int'l College
27 Mar 2010
Leprosarium Visit
Sungai Buloh
30 January 2010
Blood Donation,Organ Pledge
and Health Screening
HELP University, KL
13 January 2010

Lets Your Hands Do The Talking on Dec 6-7, 2008

Lets Your Hands Do The Talking - 10-Hours Sign Language Workshop was held on Dec 6-7, 2008 (9am-2pm) venue at KDU. It was jointly organized by Leo Clubs of KL Unity and KDU to train a group of youth particularly the Leos to enable them to serve the needy Deaf community. Click on the following video to see the snapshots of the workshop: