Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health Talk: Holistic Pain Management Seminar

April 9, 2011 - The Health Talk organized by Messr. Hollista Colltech (Australia) Ltd. with the support and participation of Lions Club of KL North and Therra Keeta went on very smoothly and on schedule. It was a very interesting health talk delivered by Dato' Dr. Rajen M and Mr. Rajinder Singh on the holistic way of treating pain that is through the understanding of our body and with the control of our thinking faculty ie. "our mind".

We should consume "real food" and avoid "fake food" according to Dato' Dr. Rajen M. What are "real food" and what are the "fake food"? Alas !!!, you should all have been there !. Sorry, I am no "Doctor" nor "Nutritionist or Dietitian "and therefore unable to offer any recommendation except this, "do not eat junk food". And for those whom gets "aches" here and there, Mr. Rajinder Singh says listen to your body, do stretching, walking and even crawling as "crawling" is very good and you can do it on your bed but do let your wife or husband know what you are up to, if not they might call in the Vets. Of course the undersigned reminded Mr. Rajinder Singh the importance of "swimming" and for that he was "applauded". Not Bad huh !!! Receive "free talk" and also get "applauded". You guys should have been there, man !!! Heard Dato Dr. Rajen M was interested to get my story publish, waaah might even be in the press, not bad for a 3 hours sacrifice.

Ok, back to the subject. Was very happy to see the presents of our President Ln. Wesley Er, PDG Ln. Sam Leong, 1st VP Ln. Ken Jern, Ln. Chong Chin Teck, Ln. How Pak Kong and not to miss, 2nd VP Ln. Tony Yee whom later on brought those present to an underground cafe for "pisang balls" and "tea tarik". Oh, by the way, was told that DG Dato' Yeow Wah Chin did drop in with his lovely wife Datin Genevieve Yeow but as Ln. Chong and Ln. Tony Yee was also simultaneously having a meeting with the Leos of SMK Jinjang whom also attended the health talk at the same premises, must have missed our DG. Understand our President Wesley had invited a number of Lions from other clubs to attend and shall leave it to our President to do the needful thanks of appreciation of attendance for all whom were present. Would also like to take this opportunity to thank our PDG Sam Leong for proposing this very interesting health talk to our club members and for your information, the response from the public was overwhelming with lots of questions and sharing being put forth.

As our OC Ln. Richard Ho is attending the LLI Training, he sends his apologies and warmest regards to all for not being able to be present.

Thank you and on behalf of OC Ln. Richard Ho,

Yours in Lionism, Ln. Tony Yee 2nd VP and Leo Advisor 2010-2011 Lions Club Of KL North

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