Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nomination & Election of New Key Officers and Board of Directors Term 2010-2011

Feb 4, 2010 - The nomination and election was carried out by Nomination Chairman, PP Ben Sng immediately after the monthly business meeting at 9.15pm sharp. The election was smoothly done and the following key officers and Board of Directors were elected:

TERM 2010-2011:

Immediate Past President: Ln Tan Teoh Teik Choon

President Elect: Ln Wesley Er
Secretary Elect: Ln Navin Khandhar
Treasurer Elect: Ln Yap Gris Som
Membership Director Elect: Ln Raymond Kwong

1st Vice President Elect: Ln Ken Jern
2nd Vice President Elect: Ln Tony Yee
3rd Vice President Elect: Ln Nicholas Ching

Tail Twister: Ln Donald Lee
Tamer: Ln Teoh Lee Kwon

1Yr Director: Ln Peter Lek
1Yr Director: Ln Lance Cheah

2Yrs Director: Ln Pun E Ken
2 Yrs Director: Ln Teoh Kah Yew

Auditor: Ln Kok Wee Tian

A BIG thank to Nomination Chairman PP Ben Sng for carrying this election proper. Job's well done. Let us also congratulate and welcome the newly elected key officers and Board of Directors and looking forward for their great contribution in term 2010-2011.


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