Saturday, September 12, 2009

LIONS-EASB Scholarship Award Presentation & Briefing Ceremony

September 11 - Under the Lions-EASB Scholarship programme, first 25 academically outstanding students were selected for under-graduate studies in Singapores East Asia Institute of Management (EASB) at the Queen Margaret University or university of Wales Institute Cardiffs Asia Campuses. The successful scholars and their parents were invited for a simple gathering on 11 September, 2009, 10.30am, venue at the Lions Headquarter, No 25-1, Jalan Tanjung SD13/2, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur for a briefing session to prepare them for their learning experience in Singapore.

The Organizing Chairperson of the LIONS-EASB Scholarship project, Lion Vincent Hoh commenced by welcoming the successful applicants and congratulating them for being selected and provided useful information for their trip down south to begin their studies that will start on 5th October 2009. There will also be an orientation session for the successful scholars on 2nd October at EASB, Singapore.

Past District Governor Lion Leong A Sam was also on hand to provide encourgement and motivation for the scholars to prepare them for their studies in Singapore. He highlighted the high quality of the education and challenges in a very competitive Singapore and global environment, and the great opportunities available to them upon graduation.

President Lion T.C. Tan Teoh presented certificate of Attendance to the scholars then. The ceremony ended at around 12.00pm with some light refreshments. The following are some of the snapshots:

OC Lion Vincent Hoh would like to thank President Lion T.C. Tan Teoh, PDG Lion Leong A Sam, Lion Donald Lee, Lion Ben Sng, IPP Lion Lee Yew Foo, Lion Nicholas Ching, Lion Peter Lek and Lion Richard Choo of LC Sg. Buloh for attending and helping out on that day.

- By OC Lion Vincent Hoh

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